A comprehensive study about the TVM implant
October 22, 2018

Complications about vaginal mesh implant everyone should be aware of

vaginal mesh complications

Vaginal mesh, sling or as commonly known as transvaginal mesh is used for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in adult women. The conditions are commonly found in women often after their childbirth. The FDA approved of these surgical devices as they were stated to be safe and effective but unfortunately have seen a rising number of reports about the mesh complications.

The most common vaginal mesh complications and health issues linked with the mesh surgery include the following:

  • mesh erosion
  • obstacle in the urinary tract
  • damage surrounding the pelvic blood vessel
  • painful intercourse
  • infection, inflammation and irritation in the genital area
  • inconsistent bladder or bowel movement

Mesh erosion

Of the many complications occurring from transvaginal mesh implant, mesh erosion is one of the most serious ones. The patient needs to go through a series of corrective mesh removal surgery to completely clear off the debris. But, it often does more harm than good to the neighboring tissues. Repetitive incision in the area can lead to chronic pain along with increased chances of infection, not to forget a degrading regular quality of life.

Urinary tract infections, vaginal shrinkage, vaginal scarring, nerve damage and emotional distress are the some of the other complications which the transvaginal mesh lawyers have found that results from a defective mesh surgery. In fact, there have been reports which show it can bring back the original symptoms of POP and SUI after the corrective surgery.

The transvaginal mesh lawyers help the victims to file lawsuits against the mesh makers for misleading them with the effectiveness and safety of the devices. The victims who are harmed by the vaginal mesh implant can claim for the damage award for the ongoing and future medical expenses, loss of wages, inability to earn and the pain and suffering.

The manufacturing companies constantly promoted and advertised the product even when there were reports about the scope of debilitating conditions arising from mesh implants.

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